Women’s advice to women for financial freedom

August 3, 2004

Women make the majority of the worlds poor and unemployed, and while Australia is still the lucky country, women need to carefully guard their financial freedom in case of unexpected life events.

More and more women are deciding they want to protect their own financial futures rather than relying on others to protect it for them.

Melissa Caddick*, principal of the award-winning financial planning company Wise Financial Services, said over the past few years more women have been seeking financial advice than ever before.

?We have been seeing an influx in smart women, both single and with partners, who want to protect their own financial futures independently,? Melissa said.
?And as a financial adviser, I cannot stress enough how important it is for women to take charge of their money and make it work for them,? she said.

?I have seen too many women who find themselves, after 20 years of marriage, with children to support and no idea about their financial future. After a divorce or a partner?s untimely death, many women have to start again because their finances were not protected.?

Melissa advocates a few simple steps to help Aussie women get on the right track with money:

1. Visit a qualified financial adviser
2. If you are involved, keep some money separate from your joint funds
3. Set up education savings plans for any children in their names
4. Make sure you have financial interest in any co-owned property; and
5. Start getting out of debt and paying off credit cards now!

It is never nice to think about what could go wrong in the future, but it is smart to plan for it,? Melissa said.

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