3 Foods That Help You Lose Weight – For Good

August 15, 2014

Ever wondered why that last crash diet just didn’t quite work out? The problem is that most women take on a new diet and completely change their entire eating program. The key to consistent weight loss is to change little parts of your lifestyle, without a complete overhaul. Swap the three following foods for a healthier alternative, and watch the weight drop off.

Potatoes for Cauliflower

Whether you love them fried, mashed or baked, there is no denying that potatoes are full of carbohydrates (probably more than you actually need). Cauliflower only has 29 calories per cup, which makes it a healthy substitute. This ‘skinny starch’ is also packed with vitamin C and can be mashed, puréed and even roasted.

3 Foods That Help You Lose Weight - For Good

Pasta For Zucchini

Zucchini noodles are definitely trending at the moment, since they are a low-carbohydrate alternative to classic pasta. With zucchini, you’re looking at about 50g instead of 150g with traditional pasta. The plus side – zucchini pasta doesn’t need to be cooked either. You can enjoy it raw, and serve with balsamic vinegar, tomato and leafy greens to taste.

3 Foods That Help You Lose Weight - For Good

White Breads for Whole Grain

Not only are whole grain breads full of fibre to keep you fuller for longer, but they are also packed with more vitamins and minerals, which just aren’t that prominent in white bread. Perfect for people who want to avoid bad snacking between meals, and keep an overall healthier lifestyle.

3 Foods That Help You Lose Weight - For Good

Images via Bustanji Food, The Simple Veganista, Grains and More

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