7 Benefits of Fitness Pole Dancing

July 23, 2014

Over the past few years, many women and men have turned to pole dancing for an effective all-body workout. Pole workouts are often aimed at strengthening the core muscles, and toning the entire body. The great news is that you can start at any level – whether it be beginner, intermediate or advanced lessons!

Significant weight loss

A simple pole dancing lesson will help to shed down a tremendous amount of weight, when compared to conventional workout routines. The core muscles are continuously being used to hold up the rest of the body, and this will allow you to shed the weight fast. Known to burn as many as 250 calories in just one session!


Unlike going to the gym or working out alone, pole dancing for fitness is conducted in small groups of usually 5 women. This means that the instructor can easily interact with the participants, and they can all offer each other moral support throughout their individual journeys.

Increase self-esteem

Not only is pole dancing a physically tiring workout, but it is also extremely rewarding. Despite starting as a beginner, you will quickly pick up the technique, and find it easier to adjust after each session.

Releases endorphins

Did you ever think that pole dancing could relieve signs of depression and mental illness? The various techniques allow the body to release endorphin hormones into the brain – which make you feel happier and increasingly relaxed with time.

Improves posture

If you want to improve your posture from the many hours slumped in front of the computer, try out at least one pole dancing class. Many of the routines rely on stretching out the entire body, and working on a strong foundation for many of the difficult routines ahead.

Increases flexibility

While pole dancing can help to relieve sore muscles and repair joint mobility, the intense workout can also improve flexibility. By regularly working out these muscles, the body will be less immune to general aches, pains and muscle spasms which come with daily life.

Helps sleep

Regular workouts have the tendency to aid sleep, since muscles are stretched and used more frequently, (you might also be tired from all the workout on the core muscles, arms and legs!).

Have you ever tried fitness pole dancing?

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