Tone Your Tummy in 5 Easy Ways

August 16, 2014

Transform your tummy from flabby to fit in a few simple steps using a versatile, exercise ball. Not only are they usually low-cost, but can be used in a number of ways to workout, improve posture and also increase stability. Put on your best workout gear and let’s get to it!

Side sculptor

Works: obliques and inner thighs

Position yourself with the exercise ball between your feet, then put your arms flat on the floor behind you. Now carefully roll onto your right hip, making sure to keep the ball firmly between your feet before switching sides.

Rad roll-up

Works: abs

Position your heels over the ball with arms extended outwards. Slowly roll-up into a sitting position, but try and keep your legs straight and reach your toes.

Belly buster

Works: abs and lower back

Sit on the centre of the ball, and lean back until your palms are flat on the ground. Bring one knee towards your chest, and alternate after each rep.

Core climber

Works: abs

Start in a plank position over the ball with your hands clasped for more stability. Pull your right knee forwards, then repeat with the left.


Works: obliques and inner thighs

Lie on your back and position the exercise ball between your thighs. Make sure to bend at the knees, then crunch as you’re working each side.

Waist definer

Works: obliques

Sit on the very tip of the ball with knees bent, and arms extended above your head. Then crunch as you pull an imaginary rope with your arms, alternating between your left and right arm.

Image via Sweet Potato Pie

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