Women’s Health: Why You Need To Strengthen Your Bladder

May 14, 2013

OK you might want to skip this over, but bladder weakness is actually more common for women of all age groups than you think. It might be viewed as an ‘older female problem’ but 18% of Aussie women aged 25-29 and 40% of women aged 30-34 have experienced bladder leakage.

Jane Le Fevre, physiotherapist expert for lights by TENA® shares 5 ways to strengthen your bladder and deal with the issue before it’s too late.

1. Find your pelvic floor

The Pelvic Floor runs from your pubic bone at the front of your pelvis to the coccyx at the back. Imagine this sling of muscles is like two elevator doors. As you lift it, imagine the doors closing together and then lifting towards your head. The rest of your body should stay still.

2. Practice gentle lifts throughout the day

Practice lifting during the day at your desk, or at the sink while washing your hands, not just lying down at the end of the day. Work on connecting with it and then seeing if you can hold it for 5 seconds. As it is an internal exercise, no one will know you are working out.

3. Combat coughs and sneezes

Strong contractions are needed to resist higher loads on your pelvic floor, such as coughs or sneezes. So if you feel a cough or sneeze on its way, lift your pelvic floor as strongly as you can and try and keep it lifted while you sneeze. If at first this is a bit difficult, scrunching your toes in your shoes can help you to get a little bit more oomph!

4. Practice practice practice!

If you don’t use it, you will lose it! Imagine a hose flowing with water lying on a trampoline. If the trampoline is floppy, when a foot comes and steps on the flowing hose, the flow will continue as there is no resistance from the trampoline. Now imagine the trampoline is strong, a foot stepping down on the flowing hose will be met with some resistance so the hose will be bent and the flow will stop.

5. Use the right product while dealing with the problem

Use a correct liner such as one from the newly launched lights by TENA® range to handle the leakages while you’re dealing with the problem. The liners will keep you drier, fresher and odour free. And much less stressed.

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