Workouts For A Better Bust

September 4, 2014

Want a bigger bust without going under the knife? There are a series of exercises designed to not only tone your bust, but have your chest looking firm and lean. The following workouts will also give you better posture, toned arms and target the upper, middle and lower chest muscles.


A classic push-up is a great exercise to work the chest, core muscles as well as the shoulders and your back. If you want a harder workout, simply stand on your toes or even use a workout ball which will really test your strength.

Bench press

This exercise will really help you feel the burn since it works out the chest muscles and triceps – especially when used in conjunction with a workout ball. Just remember to keep your legs at a 90º angle at all times, and push the dumbbells away from your chest for a perfect workout.

Medicine ball

Working out with a medicine balls has many perks, one of which helps to tone the arms and chest muscles. Hold the medicine ball with both hands and extend your arms before throwing it down as hard as you can.


Oh, the wonderful world of burpees! This workout aims at stabilising your body whilst also working out the pectoral muscles, shoulders and arms.


  • Always stretch before each exercise. This gets your muscles ready and won’t leave your body feeling as sore the day after. Jumping jacks and running on the spot are both great ways to stretch your muscles before getting straight into it.
  • Don’t only use these exercises to rely on a better bust. Eat well and regularly take part in some form of exercise such as jogging or swimming to really sculpt your body.

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