World Food Malaysia & Singapore

October 7, 2003

World Food Malaysia & Singapore

DON’T MISS SINGAPOREFood is a national obsession in Singapore, and many of its truly idiosyncratic dishes were invented by innovative local chefs. Dishes such as chilli crab, fish-head curry and raw fish salad have become so much a part of Singaporean cuisine that few people realise they evolved from dishes that enterprising chefs concocted and added to their restaurant menus.

Fish-head curry – Go on, it tastes fabulous, especially the soft muscle around the eyeballs.

Durian – Sure, the fruit isn’t cultivated on Singapore island, but the experience of digging into the spiky shells alongside locals at tables lining Geyland Road is a gastronomic experience not to be missed.

Singapore Laksa – A couple of years back, a veritable war broke out between a handful of competing laksa stalls in Katong. Find out what the fuss is about!

Chilli crab – Dig into the scrumptious local speciality with your fingers, then mop up the

eggy, thick sauce with French bread or deep-fried man tou (plain Chinese buns, a northern Chinese staple).DON’T MISS KUALA LUMPUR

Kuala Lumpur remains unrivalled in the variety of food it offers. You’ll find region-specific Chinese, Malay and Indian eateries offering Cantonese, East Malaysian or South Indian specialities.

Diverse dining – Kuala Lumpur has it all, from street-side fare packed in paper pyramids to sophisticated silver service.

Inche kabin (fried chicken – An unusual, Hainanese-style fried chicken served with Worcestershire Sauce. Found only in old colonial haunts like Coliseum Caf? on Jalan Tun Abdul Razak.

Appam (hoppers) – Taste these Indian fermented rice cakes freshly made. You’ll recognise an appam stall by its row of tiny woks, each just big enough for one appam.

Maggi mee goreng (fried instant noodles) – Just the speciality to hit the spot after a night of partying. Instant noodles are softened in boiling water before being fried and topped with an egg fried sunny-side-up.

from World Food Malaysia and Singapore

1st Edition

ISBN 1 74059 370 7

Tan Su-Lyn

288pp, full colour

15 maps


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