World Street Food: Char Kway Teow

October 12, 2011

Char kway teow, or fried rice noodles with prawns and pork, is a takeaway favourite but did you know how easy it is to make at home? This is an original recipe from the street stalls in Penang.

Serves 6-8


1 tbsp oil

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

½ tbsp chilli paste/sambal (or to taste)

1 lup cheong (Chinese sausage)

75g char siu (barbecued red pork)

200g raw prawns

200g cockles (optional)

35g fish cakes

35g fish balls

350g kway teow (rice noodles)

1½ tbsp light soy sauce

½ tsp dark soy sauce

2 eggs, beaten

4 sprigs chives

1 cup bean sprouts

1 tbsp fried shallots

1 tsp sesame oil


1. If you bought a whole sheet of kway teow, cut into strips.

2. Cut lup cheong into very thin diagonal slices.

3. Slice char siu into thin slices.

4. Shell and remove veins from prawns.

5. Shell cockles.

6. Pinch tails off bean sprouts.

7. Slice fish cakes.

8. Cut chives into 2.5 cm lengths.

9. Heat oil in a wok. Fry garlic and sambal over a medium heat. Keep tossing while you add lup cheong, garlic, chilli, char siu and prawns. Toss until the prawns are pink, then add cockles and mix well.

10. Keep tossing while you add the fish cakes, fish balls, and kway teow.

11. Sprinkle with light soy sauce and dark soy sauce.

12. Clear the middle of the wok. Pour in the eggs; cover with kway teow, and cook for a minute. Toss well, adding chives and bean sprouts.

13. Serve hot, garnished with fried shallots and sesame oil.

What’s your favourite world street food?

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