Worst travel stories ever!

February 15, 2010

Screaming kids, vomiting brothers, noisy neighbours! We asked you to tell us your worst travel stories ever.

“Sitting next to an elderly woman who spat (yes spat) into a Jar for the entire flight Sydney-Singapore.. OMG it was horrific.”

“Travelling to London with three kids and five suitcases and discovering that the luxurious apartment that you booked online is situated above a carpet shop.”

“Coming home from overseas my mum projectile vomited in the plane’s aisle then passed out, knocking her head on the basin in the bathroom.”

“We were traveling around Tassie and I had a lovely new straw hat, my brother got car sick and vomited in it. I was devastated.”

“One Word “Vanuatu” Honeymoon from Hell!! 1.Beach towels blood stained 2.No bathroom or air con in room 3.Room filled with bugs. 4.No Shampoo or Conditioner on the entire Island. 5.My husband and I got attacked by bugs and came home with infections.”

“I had to sit on a lengthy flight next to a guy with smelly feet who took his shoes off before we had even taken off. Ewww!”

“When I was in some god forsaken mountain in China and I put my foot through an underground toilet!!!”

“After being mugged and having my wallet and passport stolen, I was then arrested upon arrival at the police station for not having any identification.”

“Fiji was a dream come true, until I realized I had the wrong suitcase and spent the holiday with some old blokes clothes!!”

“Amazon…..gave $1 for beads……was handed beads and a baby…..they wouldn’t take baby back……guide translated I had bought beads and baby.”

“Went to Bali, the room smelled of mould, I got a urinary infection, my bf danced on stage with gay boys (while I was in bed), I cried at the poverty and had a fight with my cousin.”

“A ten hour trip to Coffs Harbour with a five month old baby, stuck in a traffic jam for no less than three hours. Baby screaming for its next bottle that we did not pack as we did not expect to travel for so long. Poor bub screamed herself to sleep. We were then met by relatives that said – What took you so long ! ARGH !”

“Being yelled at by Malaysia Airlines ground manager to sit down when they assigned me a seat in the middle row when I was travelling with a 2 yr old, a 1 yr old and six months pregnant and my booking had a bassinette seat reserved.”

“Travelling with a friend who’d left behind her boyfriend of one week. She spent the entire time messaging!!”

“Setting a smoke alarm off in a resort when making toast & having to pay $700 to have the fire brigade come & turn it off!!”

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