Wotif Reveals Weirdest Travel Cancellation Excuses

April 15, 2015
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Raise your hand if you’ve ever made up an excuse to cancel a booking… Ah, yep, guilty as charged! Maybe your parents were coming to town, or you ‘accidentally’ booked your accommodation for the wrong weekend. Anything to waive those pesky fees, right? Well, whatever your excuse was, Wotif have heard them all!

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To celebrate ditching their cancellation fees, (phew!) the discount accommodation and flight company have dished the dirt on some of the funniest – and strangest – stories they’ve come across. 

 “One of the most memorable reasons for cancelling included a customer’s partner cancelling a booking because the customer broke his hip by accidentally doing the splits while playing cricket,” Wotif spokesperson Kirsty La Bruniy told the Daily Mail.

The bizarre excuses don’t stop there. Wotif revealed a customer once cancelled because he didn’t want to get his car dirty driving up the dirt driveway of the property, while another wanted to pull out because apparently having a cold affects a booking that’s four months in the future.

One traveller said he didn’t realise he needed a passport to travel to New Zealand until he arrived at the airport, and another went as far as to say that they didn’t know they had to go to the international airport to fly overseas! First time travellers, perhaps?

The most common reasons they found people cancelled or changed a trip came down to sickness, injury, or an event change, but “my cat has had a hip replacement” or “I ate some bad calamari” still managed to pop up.

While it’s inevitable that plans change from time-to-time, it seems that Wotif have heard their fair share of tales and have instead opted to make it easier to cancel. “We’ve removed our fees for cancellation and itinerary changes for hotel and package bookings, which now makes it easier and more cost effective to change your travel plans, no matter what the excuse,” said Bruniy.

So… What are some of your cancellation excuses, hmm?

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