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Would you date a hairy man?

Would you date a hairy man?

News flash: 9 in 10 women find hairy men less attractive! Are we being too picky?

The controversial gay fashionista Bruno, is creating such a hype around town from flirting with our ‘Ruddy’, to looking down Rove’s pants and checking out the abundance of hair that Rove has ‘down there’!

New research revealed today by Australia’s Hair Removal experts, Nad’s, found 9 in 10 women find hairy men less attractive! So whether you like to admit it, Bruno is right, men should get rid of their hair!

Out of the 89 per cent of women that find excess body hair a turnoff, 60 per cent cited a hairy back as the biggest no no, with hairy noses and ears coming in a close second (49 per cent). This was followed by a bushy beer belly with 43 per cent of the votes!

The research also revealed some other hairy finds: 2 per cent of women think the hairier the man the better! Only 54 per cent of women find a horrible smell a turn off 14 per cent of women don?t like their men bald 85 per cent of Aussies would never go out on a date without a fuzz free body.

So do you agree with the findings? A little rug is okay in my books but certainly not anything that resembles an ape. I probably shouldn’t talk though because I do tend to let my leg hair go during winter but at least the rest is under control!

What about you? Would you date a hairy man?

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