Would You Drink Collagen For Wrinkle-Free Skin?

October 29, 2010

Would You Drink Collagen For Wrinkle-Free Skin?

Are you ready for the latest anti-ageing fad? You’re about to hear a lot about collagen.. But not injecting it as has been the norm to date, but drinking it.

Chinese women have started drinking collagen thanks to promises such as “take a collagen drink for 30 days and have skin as soft as a baby’s.”

The Guardian newspaper is reporting that cosmetics companies such as DHC China are selling drinks containing fish collagen, with instructions to “sip it every night before sleep and you will see a clear improvement in skin texture after just 10 days. And if you want to maintain good skin condition, you should not stop drinking it.”

And the women can’t get enough of it – sales of collagen-rich beverages, powders and pills are growing fast – and as you can imagine it doesn’t come cheap in this part of the world.

A month’s serving of one of the best-selling products, a cherry-flavoured drinks, costs around 900 yuan, or $138 – more than half of the average urban dweller’s disposable income.

Reports have been overwhelmingly positive, from refined pores to “super smooth” skin. However a nutrition studies director at the Sun Yat-Sen hospital in Guangzhou believes these drinks have a limited effect on the skin, as the body can only absorb a small amount of collagen this way. He stresses that a diet rich with vegetables and fruits is more beneficial because of the antioxidants which have a better anti-ageing effect.

Would you try a collagen drink if they were available here? Or would you heed the advice of eating more fruit and vegetables?

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