Would You Like Your Man To Wear Spanx?

August 16, 2011

Would You Like Your Man To Wear Spanx?

No more man boobs! No more beer belly!

We know women love Spanx, but now guys can’t get enough of ‘manx’ – the new body-sculpting underwear for men.

Spanx for men claim to have invented the perfect pouch, by cupping, supporting and lifting the bottom and crotch, while the undershirts narrow the waistline and firm the chest.

While in the UK supermarket chain Asda launched their range shapewear for men with their Bodysculpt men’s underwear line – and it’s already sold out!

Fiona Lambert from Asda said: “Women have control underwear and push-up bras. Why shouldn’t men have a little help?”

Their Shape Enhancer T-shirt claims to create a six-pack, while the very attractive Bodysculpt high waisted trunks look just like a girdle, sucking in love handles as wlel as evidence of last night’s pizza binge.

Take a look at these pictures and tell us if you’d want your man to wear manx!

A model demonstrating the six-pack effect and lifted pouch (ahem)

This man was brave enough to model the high-waisted trunks that look more like a girdle

Another example of Manx – see, even guys get muffin tops!

And someone who is in desperate need of Manx…

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