Study Finds Sarcasm And Booze Make You More Creative

Nadine Dilong

I’m not snarky, I’m just getting my creative juices flowing.

Are you constantly misunderstood because people don’t get your sarcasm? Here’s some good news for you, you are much more creative than the sarcasm-intolerant literalists around you. According to a study by Harvard University, sarcasm and creativity are closely linked.

Here’s why: in simple terms, if you’re able to decode something as sarcasm, your brain knows and detects the difference between the literal and actual meaning of a statement.

“This is a process that activates and is facilitated by abstraction, which in turn promotes creative thinking,” says study co-author, Francesca Gino.

Participants of the study were randomly asked to have sarcastic and sincere conversations, which was followed by tasks that required some creativity. The results showed that the sarcastic conversations sparked three times more creative solutions and when measured, more cognitive brain action.

Other things that stimulate creativity? Alcohol.


Yes, you may reach for that bottle of wine under your desk now in case you’re out of ideas for an important project. A study by the University of Illinois found that alcohol helps let your mind wander instead of focusing on one thing only, which encourages creative thinking. Not that we needed another reason to drink.

Don’t get too excited, though. The important detail to note in this study is you’re more creative after having a small amount of alcohol, not an entire bottle. About two glasses of wine will do the job. I guess this explains why so many artists are alcoholics. Most of them clearly didn’t get the small amount memo.

So there you go, next time your boss expects you to show some creativity in that super important meeting, raid the alcohol stash in your office while making some snarky sarcastic comments about how much you love your job.

All in the name of creativity of course.