What Is Yin Yoga?

April 16, 2014
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Originating in China, Yin Yoga practice incorporates poses designed to improve the flow of qi, the subtle life force essential to organ health, immunity and emotional wellbeing. Each posture is moved through slowly and midfully, gently allowing tendons, fascia and ligaments to stretch as circulation improves and the mind becomes calm.

In the new book, Yin Yoga (Rockpool Publishing, June, $24.99), renowned yoga teacher Ulrica Norberg describes how to balance yin and yang on and off the mat, sharing her own experiences and offering wisdom for adapting the yogic principles in modern life. Readers will learn to develop their own individualised yin yoga practice, complete with a yin yoga flow, visualisation techniques, and Ayurveda health principles. The book includes photographs and clear descriptions to highlight proper alignment, ensuring the practice will be safe and effective.


Yin Yoga, Ulrica Norberg, fitness, yoga, health
Ulrica, a highly respected yoga instructor in Europe, she has been teaching for nearly twenty years and has trained more than five hundred teachers. Ulrica has studied extensively in yoga, alignment principles, anatomy, and energetics. In 2002 she discovered yin yoga through Paulie Zink and has since studied with Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley. She has made yoga DVDs and written several books, some of which have been translated into five languages.

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