What is Yogalates?

February 18, 2014

So you love Pilates, or you’re religious about yoga…but what if you combined the benefits of both? While Pilates focuses on core strength and muscular training, yoga aims to increase the union between body and mind with the intention of wellbeing and calmness.

Together, Yogalates combines the best of both – the importance of spirituality and power of the mind plus intensive muscular training and physical awareness. Created by Louise Soloman, who has a popular school in her hometown of Byron Bay, Yogalates really is the perfect fusion of east meets west.

Try out some of these Yogalates exercises:

Double Butt Lifter
Tones the butt, inner thighs, strengthening lower back, back of thighs. Lay on the floor, face down. Place forehead onto hands, neck long. Inhale prepare, exhale. Scoop abdominals up off floor. Pull up on pelvic floor and lift legs, Squeezing buttocks together and extending into toes. Inhale, release. Repeat 5-10 times.

NB: Any pain in lower back, do one leg at a Ttime.

The Clam
Tones inner thigh, deep buttock muscles and abdominals. Lie on side, place head on folded handtowel, neck long. Stack hips on top of each other. Inhale prepare. Exhale. Scoop waist off floor, hold Wwaist.

The Clam (part 2)
Inhale prepare. As you exhale, raise knee. Do not move pelvis. Squeeze buttocks. Inhale release. Do 10 on each side.

Cat Pose With Abdominal Lift
To get that hourglass figure. Kneel on all fours, plasm pressed firmly on the floor. Inhale prepare. As you exhale, contract abdominal muscles for a count of 5 up towards the spine, pull up on the pelvic floor muscle. Inhale release, exhale repeat 10 times.

Cat Pose With Extension
Tones buttocks and strengthens muscles up and down spine. Position as above. As you exhale, extend opposite arm and leg. Keep neck long. Hold X 3 breaths. Inhale release. Exhale. Do the same thing on the other side and repeat 5 times.

Relaxing Stretch For Buttocks And Lower Back
Rejuvenates Nervous System
Kneel, tucking knees under pelvis and lean forward resting head gently on folded towel, arms at side. Gently breathe in and out, relaxing all the time. Do this for as long as you like.

Visit yogalates.com.au to learn more about Yogalates.

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