You Don’t Need Money To See A Financial Adviser

November 3, 2004

You Don’t Need Money To See A Financial Adviser

According to a leading Australian financial adviser, one of the most significant mistakes people make with their finances is waiting until they have money before seeking the advice of a qualified financial advisor.

Melissa Caddick*, Principal of award-winning financial practise Wise Financial Services, said many people think they need to have money before seeking out a financial adviser.

?The main mistake people make is they wait to have a significant chunk of money before they can see a financial adviser, and this may never happen,? she said.

?This is not the case and actually misses the point of getting financial advice. Financial advice will help you grow your wealth for the future, but it can also help you get out of debt, pay off credit cards, budget, and help you save money.

?Even if you think you don?t have a spare cent, by seeking the advice of a financial adviser you can discover new ways of saving, develop household budgets and even commence investments with very little.

?If you wait until you have saved on your own, or for a windfall, you may never receive the advice you need to secure your future,? she said.

Melissa said superannuation or pensions will not be adequate to live on in the years to come.

?With the rising cost of living and the aging population, we can no longer rely of super or pensions to live on in our older years.

?Unfortunately, all of us need to start planning independently for our retirement now, and it is never too late to start.

?Even if you think you have no money, you would be surprised at what a qualified financial advisor can do for you,? she said.

Melissa Caddick is a Principal of Wise Financial Services, www.wise.com.au

* Wise Financial Services Pty Limited is a Corporate Authorised Representative and Melissa Caddick is an Authorised Representative of Tandem Financial Advice Limited (ABN 27 006 226 777) AFSL Number 238427.

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