You Said: The Sex and the City Finale!

November 23, 2004

You Said: The Sex and the City Finale!

“I thought that the way Sex ended was lovely. The scenes between Smith and Samantha were the most romantic scenes filmed in the history of Sex and the City and I am so glad that Carrie left the awful Russian!! I never liked him from the start!!”
– Crystal

“I didn?t think it was good at all. Wasn?t the show originally about being proud to be single. Loving life being single and dating everyone and having fun being single. I thought it was a celebration for the single girl. And in the final episode they all end up living happily ever after. What a joke.”
– Celeste

“Although I thought the other three gals had scored very well with their fellas, it would have been better for Carrie to go back to New York for her girlfriends, rather than John. He had taken her for granted for so long how
could she assume that wouldn’t happen again. She is definitely settling for less than she deserves.”
– Kirsty

“I was very happy with the way it ended. We’ve become close to these women over the years and feel affection for them so it was great to see them end up happy. Romantic? Yes. Idealistic? Sure. But no one watched SATC for realism. Otherwise Carrie would have been bankrupt long ago!”
– Dani

“I was disappointed with the finale of Sex and the City and I don’t think that John suited ‘BIG’ at all. Overall an anticlimax. Zzzzzzzzzz!”
– Judith

“I loved the ending. At first I thought it a little soppy and romantic, but after thinking back to it, show me a woman who doesn’t want a happy ending. We have shared the girls heartaches, cosmpolitans, husbands, boyfriends, shoes and clothes… they already had each other as friends and confidants, successful careers, but just unlucky in love. Love never runs smoothly and this show was a testiment to that, but through it all they survived and got their men!!! Carries statement is sooo true, the most important relationship you will have is the one with yourself, and if you happen to find someone to love the you you love, well fabulous!!”
– Sarah

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