You said: your favourite mascaras!

September 8, 2004

You said: your favourite mascaras!

I find that for length and volume in mascara, try L?Oreal Longitude. It usually retails at around $20.00. But I have tried all different mascaras, with my main goal being length, and I have found that this by far beats out the competition!! Although it does have a tendency to clump towards the end its life, its well worth the usage you get out of it!!
– Beck

One Mascara that you didn’t mention that I think deserves one is the Nutrimetics Superlash Waterproof Mascara. It doesnt clump, flake off or smudge and its really good for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers as it has all natural ingredients. It looks really natural and still lengthens and curls lashes, and it’s easy to remove with a gentle cleanser.
– Amy

I wanted to let you guys know about a really good mascara you didn’t mention in your article. It is the L’Oreal Double Extension – the one with the white wax base then black overcoat. It retails for about $21. I bought it and was a little sceptical, I didn’t think it would work well and I thought it would be difficult to use. It is fabulous! I already have pretty good lashes but this product pushes them beyond the boundaries of good into down right fabulicious! It lengthens and thickens them and isn’t clumpy. also it is really easy to apply, you brush on the white coat and then brush the black right over the top, you don’t have to wait for it to dry in between.
Also a bad mascara is the Gingham by Innoxa…Its crap! thats all there is to say about that one.
– Pierina

I recently received a sample of Lancome’s Magicils mascara. The idea is that it’s a long wearing mascara, but it wipes off with warm water when you need to take it off. I’ve worn it in situations where I’d normally expect to look like a panda and it’s held up really well. On the other hand it doesn’t give massive amounts of volume or curl, but if you just want a subtle emphasis this is an excellent product.
– Barbara

Revlon Lash Finder Mascara – I found this mascara provided great lash coverage with its nice, deep black colour. It coated and seperated each lash well without clumping at all. However, I found that it didn’t provide me with anywhere near as much lengthening or curling as I hoped for – My lashes didn’t seem to be lengthened to any degree at all when I used it.

Maybelline Sky-high Curves Extreme Length & Curl Mascara – Again, I like the very inky black consistency of this mascara which provided me with extra dark lashes. I did find however, that this mascara clumped a lot on my lashes, while not at all living up to it’s name of being extreme lengthening or curling – All it provided me with was stuck-together lashes – Not very attractive!
– Shanna.

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