Your August horoscopes!

August 3, 2009

July is done and dusted for another year so what does the last month of winter have in store for you? Love, lust, lottery wins? Find out now!


One or two surprises are in store this month. You are heading into new territory. Your vision and intuition are right on the money, nevertheless, matters need to be sorted out before all the pieces fall into place. Try to stay focused. By month’s end you will be on a new track.


Relationships continue to be a big feature of this extraordinary time. Key developments around partnership are indicated. Venus and Pluto stimulate your desire for deeper commitment and intimacy while at the same time money matters are highlighted. A big outlay or major purchase is indicated.


Mars continues to give you a much needed energy boost. This is an excellent time to embark on a new exercise routine, or take up a new sport. Work, meanwhile, shows no signs of letting up, in fact the hectic pace may increase. Try not to scatter your energy too widely, for it will be needed on the home front too.


Venus spends most of August in your sign, so it’s time to focus on your personal needs and pamper yourself. Minor relationship differences can be resolved smoothly through negotiation and domestic adjustments. You will see others in a new light and understand that you are appreciated.


The Lunar eclipse on 6 August falls in your relationship zone, so key developments are in store. While others may behave irrationally, or unpredictably, you are also undergoing a process of profound change. Don’t be too hasty to judge others, nor over-react, for you will discover it’s all for the best.


This is a busy month of frantic preparations and sorting out myriad details so try to remain calm and flexible. Deadlines notwithstanding, one cycle is ending and another just beginning. Your skill at dealing with details will hold you in good stead and help you stay focused.


The emphasis this month is equally poised between domestic and career matters. It’s really a question of priorities. On the one hand you have a number of obligations that you need to fulfil, but there is also the long term to think about. Don’t be distracted by the agenda or advice of others, for ultimately you know what needs to be done.


Tremendous changes are taking place around you, and now you are directly affected. With so much in flux, it might seem impossible to make a decision, but your intuition, as always, will guide you along the right path. Keep your options open, but realise that change cannot be avoided.


Mars signals positive opportunities, passionate exchanges and the possibility of a heated confrontation. An impassioned debate may force you to take a stand and firmly state your case. While you like to give others the benefit of the doubt, there is no reason why you should suffer fools.


Finances are up for review. Your priorities and commitments may be shifting so this is an excellent time to assess your investments and financial position. Perhaps you are considering a lifestyle, or tree change? It might be time to downsize, simplify, budget or make new long-range plans.


The lunar eclipse in your sign brings fresh insights that will help you decide where you are going. The time to mull things over has now passed and it’s time to make sweeping changes. Those who were once close, may be drifting away, but fear not. While one cycle is at an end, a wonderful new chapter is just beginning.


Saturn and Uranus continue to turn your life around, and while a tad unsettling, only those things that need to change will alter. The task ahead requires you to be both creative and highly disciplined. To reconcile these opposites, all you need do is think outside the square, for there you will find the answer.

Michele Finey is the author of “Secrets of the Zodiac: An In-Depth Guide To Your Talents, Challenges, Personality and Potential” which was recently published by Allen and Unwin. She can be contacted via her website at

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