Your Beauty Detox Routine For 2013

December 17, 2012

One of our resolutions is to take a more holistic approach to our skin in 2013. Here’s how Sam Sample, creator of animal-environment-everything-friendly Be Genki plans to detox her beauty routine in the new year.

Step 1: Pre-Shower Detox

Start each day with dry skin body brushing, which has an enormous host of benefits including stimulating circulation, increasing cell renewal, cleansing the lymphatic system, strengthening the immune system, and helping to treat cellulite, amongst other things.

Avoid synthetic brushes that can be too harsh and potentially damage your skin, and use the natural, gentle alternative with Bodecare Tampico Dry Body Brush (RRP $35).

Step 2: Shower Detox

In the shower, wash off all the impurities from your skin after dry skin brushing with the AEOS Beauty Body Shower (RRP $18.50). This is a gentle cleansing wash for the body, containing a blend of organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and the essences of gems and crystals, such as amethyst, turquoise and emerald. It’s rich in rosemary, white birch and gardenia to leave the skin feeling fresh and soft, whilst the scent of lemon myrtle transforms your showering ritual into a refreshing and uplifting experience.

Best yet, AEOS Beauty Body Shower is free from sulphates and other harsh chemicals that can strip the skin of moisture.

Step 3: Post-Shower Detox

What’s lovelier than slathering on a rich body lotion after your shower? The AEOS Beauty Body Lotion (RRP $38) is full of nourishing, organic and biodynamic oils and plant extracts to help hydrate and soothe, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. The essences of gems and crystals, such as amethyst, sapphire and emerald will nurture the emotional and spiritual aspects.

Step 4: Finish With A Natural Deodorant

The last little step is a dab of Soapwalla Deodorant Cream (RRP $16) – an all-natural yet powerful deodorant cream that utilises superfine vegetable powders, clays, and lavender, peppermint and tea tree essential oils to absorb moisture, inhibit bacteria, and ensure a long-lasting and highly effective experience. This cult beauty product has won the hearts of natural beauty aficionados throughout the world!

Do you prefer natural skincare or department store brands?

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