Your Beauty Questions Answered!

March 26, 2002

Best Buy of the week

Prefer to look slick and stylish while getting fit? Don’t look any further we’ve found the gear for you. Go straight to and check out the section ENERGY. Here you’ll find a fabulous range of exercise gear that is inexpensive, practical and quite frankly too good to wear to the gym. Our faves are:

Hot pink slightly flared, wide leg cut drawstring pants for just $49 and the support Singlet with hidden bra in black for $35.

Make over in minutes?

The phone just rang, and no matter what the invite, you can look fresh and radiant in minutes without resorting to the same old beauty fixes. From a dramatic five-minute hair change to a fabulous 20 minute makeover or manicure you’re on your way to looking great and feeling super confident.

Want to change your work make-up to party make-up in a matter of minutes? Then simply do this:

Take a black kohl eyeliner from Bloom or Clinique makeup and draw a very soft, black line on the top of the lid at the base of the last line. Draw a semi-circle up into the center of the eye, like a C. Take a Q tip and smudge liner at the base and work back and forth into the crease for a smoky sensuous effect.

Want to make your hair go from work to Friday night drinks? Simply do this:

This is for medium length hair. Just neatly comb your hair back into a tight ponytail. Secure it with 1 or 2 bobby pins around the nape of your neck and create a loose chignon. A good tip to keep your hair looking smooth and sleek is to spray some Cedel Hairspray into your hands and then pat onto your hair.

Okay, you’ve only 5 minutes to make your face look more radiant. Try this:

This is so easy it’s almost laughable. Got to head out and you really only have 5 mins, simply spray Evian facial mist over your face and apply Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream to your lips and eyelids. You will look radiant and fresh without doing anything at all.

Your nails are a mess and you have to leave the house in under 10. What do you do?

Forget about pushing the cuticles back. Just rub some cuticle cream into them and remove any old nail polish with an acetone polish, as it will temporarily dehydrate the nails so polish will lock onto the nail more effectively. File the nails in one direction only and then apply a colour. As you’re pushed for time try to only use natural colours.

You want to enhance your eyelashes so they look fuller and longer. What to do?

Apply several coats of mascara as this is much more flattering than making one heavy-handed application. Plant the wand into the roots and gently pull through to the ends.

You have to fill in your brows asap then follow this tip

Rub the brow pencil on the back of your hand first and then run over the mark you’ve made with a brow brush or cotton bud and use this to shade the brows instead.

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