Your Birth Stories

May 4, 2005

Your Birth Stories

Last month, Ruby Harris wrote an emotive story about her experiences of giving birth. (To see the story, click here) In this contemporary age, is it acceptable to choose the help of modern intervention and give birth by caesarian section or should you choose the traditional route and give birth naturally? These women have shared their opinions.

There are benefits of both
“As a GP, mother of four and modern gal, I’m grateful for the caesarean. I’ve seen mothers and babies who would likely have died without timely intervention and I’m very happy that, here in Australia, we have top-notch high-tech birth care available when Mother Nature needs a hand.

“However I also know that, most of the time, Mother Nature gets it right. Her system of birth is truly amazing- as amazing as the system that creates a baby from the twinkle in our partner?s eye. Personally, I have chosen to take my chances with the checks and balances of natural birth — a system that has been programmed for success over 20 million years ? rather than accept the risks of technological birth, which is barely decades old?

“Giving birth naturally has not only given me ecstasy and confidence. It has ? and you heard this first on SheSaid! — enhanced my sexuality. In fact, one of my most tender sexual experiences was making love a week after the birth of my first baby, and with each baby, my capacity for pleasure has increased. In modern times we have many choices about motherhood including if, when, and how we get there. In birth, I trust that every woman will make the best decision for herself and her baby. However, to do this, we need the best quality information, and much of this is partial at this time; we have very few studies of the long-term implications of how we are born and how we give birth. We also need to hear all of each other?s stories and lived experiences, so that we can understand the whole picture of birth and motherhood.” – Sarah, QLD

Being informed enough to make that choice is the most important thing
“You’re absolutely right, Ruby. The most important thing is to have a happy, healthy baby and mother. I believe that means having a good mental, physical and emotional outcome for the short, medium and long term for both mother and baby. Post Natal Depression is not healthy for a baby, a mother or the rest of the family. Empowered women don’t get Post Natal Depression. Women who are well informed (that is; they have gathered information from various sources, don’t assume that your care provider either knows everything or is willing to tell you everything!) and feel confident that they have been the decision-maker every step of the way (regardless of what type of birth finally eventuated) are empowered women. Empowered women feel good about themselves and are therefore empowered mothers who feel good about their relationship with their children and their partners.” – Genevieve

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