Your December holiday horoscopes!

December 1, 2009

Other than a fat man in a red suit, what does this festive season have in store for you? Find out with our freakily accurate horoscopes from Michele Finey!


Mars changes direction this month which signals a challenge or two is in store. But since you thrive on a challenge, you’ll enjoy the excitement and adventure. Events over the next few months will take into unchartered territory where you will develop new skills.


Venus makes its presence felt in your 8th solar house so it’s set to be a month of passion and pleasure. You will likely want to splurge on Christmas this year, and funds permitting, why not? Just be aware that credit actually means debt that has to be paid back in the not too distant future.


This time of year the Full Moon falls in your sign, and this year is no exception. What is exceptional, however, is the scope and breadth of the opportunities at your fingertips right now. To make the most of this sensational planetary line up, all you need do is let others know exactly how you feel.


The Full Moon falls on New Year’s Eve in your sign so 2010 is a special year for Cancerians. Your mood will likely be up and you will impress others with your imagination and intelligence. Accept all invitations and plan your own gathering over the holiday season. If single, a wonderful new relationship is in the offing.


Mars visits you for an extended period, but this is a slow burn rather than a fast sizzle. Don’t expect fireworks, but rather a sustained release of energy which you will need over the long haul. Get moving and undertake a new exercise regime. Long term health benefits will ensue.


By late December Mercury and Mars are both retrograde, so it’s time to slow down a take a break. Organise yourself so that you can rest and relax. There is always more work to be done, but as Saturn has left your sign for the time being you’ll have more time on your hands. Take a holiday. From the 26th you can really unwind.


Venus is about to transition from morning star to evening star and she becomes invisible as she does so. You too are perhaps less visible than usual, but this is an excellent time to focus on your plans for the year ahead. With Saturn’s help there is no time like the present to get organised.


Mars’ retro period emphasises hard work as you try to finish everything work-wise before the holiday season. Actually, if you are able to manage it, tackling a bit of the backlog over the holidays will give you a head start when 2010 kicks in, but don’t overdo it. Get away for a break if you can.


Jupiter is in the last part of Aquarius, so concluding your studies or current learning curve will be the focus. A great deal of travelling back and forth is indicated over the holiday period before a more settled time comes your way in the New Year. Spend some time sorting out the details over the holidays.


Mercury will retreat in your sign from the 20th while Saturn is also slowing. This is a signal from the cosmos to slow down, rest and recuperate. Leave the hard work to others for the time being. Delegate responsibilities and enjoy supervising from a distance while keeping the channels of communication open and clear.


Christmas is not always a joyful time of good tidings is it? Misunderstandings can lead to hurt feelings. If you communicate clearly and really listen to what others say you will minimise any difficulties. Sun and Pluto join forces on the big day, so some family secrets may come to light.


You are by nature a caring and giving soul who often puts others’ needs ahead of your own. But it’s is important to realise that you can’t always fix their problems no matter how much you want to help. Better to spend your time and energy preparing for the creative surge that will soon come your way.

Michele Finey is the author of “Secrets of the Zodiac: An In-Depth Guide To Your Talents, Challenges, Personality and Potential” which was recently published by Allen and Unwin. She can be contacted via her website at

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