Your fashion disasters

February 17, 2004

SheSaid readers fess up with their worst fashion blunders, style disasters and bad looks.

Daniella: ‘Wearing underwear over my clothes!’

Wendy: ‘Thinking shoes one size to small & way too narrow would be fine for a formal ball because they matched my dress, I couldn’t move from sitting at the table all night & had to walk to get home barefoot & bloodied through the filthy streets in my evening dress.’

Zoe: ‘Buying a pair of fake leather pants. Substituting quality for price was not a good idea, especially when it looked like I was wearing plastic garbage bags.’

Natalie: ‘My biggest fashion mistake would have had to have been holding on to my beloved corduroy jeans for far too long. One day I did a cartwheel and split them up the inner seams in front of a lot of people!’

Sasha: ‘When I was younger my favourite piece of clothing was a disco balloon skirt with fluoro pink trimmings and I used to wear it with fluoro green socks everywhere. I thought I was looking so good – but that was the eighties for you – everyone thought they looked good…’

Krystal: ‘My worst fashion mistake would be going to a job interview dressed up like a Goth- black clothes, jewelry and lipstick included! And I thought that was an interpretation of ‘independent thinking individual’. Needless to say, I didn’t get that job either!’

Katrina: ‘I wore I white dress to a dinner party and had red wine spilt on me in the first couple of minutes after I arrived.’

Hertha: ‘A glorious evening dress which was just too small to be able to wear it in the hope that i will be able to lose weight, sadly it didn’t happen so it is still hanging and haunting me.’

Sheridan: ‘Letting a hairdresser at a hair show have “free rein” of what they did. I ended up with multi-coloured hair cut super short on one side, long on the other and a fringe cut in a V shape!’

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