Your favourite sex positions!

January 20, 2010

We asked you to tell us your bedroom secrets and your responses were so good we’re blushing!

“Sitting on his “lap” facing him! With a hot sexy DVD on in the background.”

“Bedroom? Overrated! Ever tried the couch? Boy sits on it normally; while girl straddles him. Girl has control and it hits places never reached before!”

“My partner has me pushed up against the wall; standing on the bed facing each other. Or bending over the corner of the bed with him behind me.”

“Swing-sex. The constant moving of the swing gives you amazing orgasms and the tight squeeze feels awesome! Think Samantha: ‘Sex and The City’.”

“Girl laying at the edge of the bed on her stomach and the man standing entering her from behind. Really hits the spot.”

“Well; 69 isn’t really a word now is it?!”

“We love the 7th Posture(Kama Sutra) position for penetration; control of movement for sensation; hands free for touching and nearly facing for eye contact.”

“Other than snoring my head off; snuggling with my hubby; with my head on his shoulder and his arm around me is my favourite.”

“Doggy style; but with a twist to make it a wheel barrow action. It is amazing and mind blowing!!!”

“I like them all as long as you are with someone you have feelings for and are both comfortable.”

“My favourite position. Hmmm…. Him chained to the kitchen sink and me sitting on the couch with a beer hogging the remote control…”

“The best position is where the man lies on his back and the woman squats down on him.”

“Definitely on top of him! I can control the pace and guide him into place.”

“Spooning on the side – not too strenuous; but you can get really close to each other; and allows for movement.”

“My favourite position in the bedroom is doing it standing up by the window.”

“I like being perched on top of the washing machine with my partner while it’s on the spin cycle!”

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