Your October love & health horoscopes!

October 1, 2009

October has arrived! Will it be a month to be remembered or forgotten? See what SheSaid’s resident astrology, Michele Finey, predicts for your future.


Domestic and relationship matters take centre stage as Mars aligns with your axis of destiny. You may feel perfectly comfortable with things as they are, but even so you may have to tread a fine line to work out how to get your own way and maintain relationship harmony.


Venus and Saturn unite in your love sector this month, reinforcing commitments. Romance and love go hand-in-hand like chocolate and ice cream, and your life is at present just as sweet. Meanwhile, plans for that move or renovation are progressing, and will keep you busy for a while yet.


Now that Mercury has gone direct once more you are in a much better position to see the forest and the trees. While you may have to go over things to ensure you have not overlooked something, this review will bring to light new information that is invaluable. Don’t assume you have all the information.


Now that the nodal axis has shifted into your sign for the first time in nine years, you are much more able to look at the big picture. Consider where you are heading in the long term. Procrastination can be a problem, but Mars now gives your energy and confidence a boost so you can move forward instead of sideways.


The focus has shifted onto others, or perhaps you are just finding there are too many distractions and diversions. Concentration is what you need most. Try to focus by undertaking a course of study or learning a new skill, but you might still have to say no to requests for help in order to meet your deadline.


There are many things you must deal with now and precious little time. Saturn leaves Virgo by month’s end, ending a major phase of personal development for you. You are ready to embark on a new journey, but you need to tie up loose ends first. This is preparation for a new exciting chapter will soon commence.


Venus enters your sign mid-month, ushering in a renewed sense of cooperation and harmony in your relationships. But if it’s not all smooth sailing the problem may be that your inner scales are swinging back and forth with feelings of uncertainty. Decisions are needed on your part.


Pluto and Mars may prove frustrating this month. You may not be seeing the whole picture, only glimpses and shadows. This is an opportune moment to set aside preconceived ideas and consider whether you should change tack. Remain as flexible as possible and take time out to unwind.


Jupiter moves direct this month so you can start implementing your plans with more confidence. Assuming you have thought all the details through, you should be well placed to take advantage of financial and professional opportunities. Travel plans are in the making too.


The nodal axis has moved into your sign and whether you like it or not the future has arrived. Major developments are on the cards over the coming year, in fact you may already be asking yourself some big questions. Domestic and/or professional adjustments are both desirable and timely.


Jupiter starts moving ahead in your sign once more, so there is no holding back now. Changes are coming and they’re coming faster than you think. While you may feel uncertain, positive outcomes are assured so taking a risk will pay off. Mars enters your relationship zone, bringing passion on another front. Make the most of it!


Venus moves into your passion zone this month and things really start to heat up. Saturn is also shifting gears, asking you whether or not you are ready for a major commitment. Listen to your feelings and be guided by your heart.

Michele Finey is the author of “Secrets of the Zodiac: An In-Depth Guide To Your Talents, Challenges, Personality and Potential” which was recently published by Allen and Unwin. She can be contacted via her website at

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