Your Spring fashion questions sorted!

August 17, 2009

Fedora hats, jeans, gladiator sandals, big bust – fashion editor Krista Eppelstun sorts out all your spring wardrobe questions!

I have a large bust, what kind of tops suit me best and what should I wear on the bottom to balance them?

If you have them be proud of them I say! Like anything though, they should be presented stylishly to be appreciated fully. Too much isn’t always better, so to show off your cleavage make sure you leave a little to the imagination. There’s a singlet/cami style that is hot this season & it will be perfect for those with a bigger style bust (see image). The V-Neckline is flattering and will show off enough to be sexy, yet he frill overlay is perfect for those who don’t want to draw too much attention to their bust. When it comes to tshirts V-Neck styles are always the most flattering as well as they will flatter your curves, just remember to make sure that the top fits well and your breasts aren’t busting out. Stay away from turtle or high necks if you don’t want to accentuate your size.

What style of jeans are in at the moment? Boyfriend? Boot Leg? Skinny?
I’m confused.

Jeans jeans jeans… There is always a different style that is hot each season so if you like to go with the flow of trends, just make sure when you go jeans shopping you make time to try on lots of pairs. Every style be it skinny, boot leg or boyfriend, still has an individual cut and colour which can make a huge difference to how flattering they are on your own particular shape. Although the skinny jean has been huge for the past few seasons, I say just go with what flatters your shape. When you find the perfect pair of jeans that look great & your completely comfortable wearing them they become a staple part of your everyday wardrobe so take your time & select well – it’s not a shopping expedition that can be rushed.

Are gladiator sandals still going to be in this summer or should I sell mine at the markets?

The gladiator was the first of the statement sandals to come on the scene a few seasons ago and although there are many different versions now on the market, I say the traditional ones still look hot.
A plain summer dress can be transformed into an edgy and sexy outfit with a pair of great statement sandals and gladiators still cut it. Australian stores such as Witchery & Sportsgirl are still doing them for this summer (see images) & these stores are both always on the cutting edge of what is hot each season. Don’t get rid of your gladiators out just yet!!

Are fedoras still ‘in’ and where can I get a good but cheap one from?

We should all be covering our faces from the sun & I think the fedora or similarly the trilby style still cuts it as a quirky accessory to complete just about any outfit. Megan Fox is photographed regularly in hers wearing jeans & tshirts, while quirky Rachel Bilson has been photographed many times in hers wearing a cute summer smock. For the warmer weather definitely go with a straw style as it will be much cooler. I purchased a couple from CottonOn last year for $19.95 and I’m pretty sure they still have them. Barkins also have a lightweight Trilby right now for $19.95 www.barkins.com.au

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