Your super juicy July horoscopes!

July 2, 2009

July is eclipse month, so get set for big changes, major decisions and new beginnings says SheSaid’s resident astrologer Michele Finey.


Both the professional and domestic scenes are in the spotlight. Events at work are likely to ricochet around the home front, and vice versa. After the solar eclipse on the 22nd you’ll have a better idea what these changes mean and how they will play out over the longer term.


This is a month for discussing the future and taking decisive action. Keep the channels of communication open and listen with your heart. Travel arrangements may change at the last minute, so remain flexible. There are several paths you might take, but if you keep your goal in mind, the details will fall into place.


Saturn seems to keep heaping more on top of your already full plate. Before it spills onto the floor and you end up in a complete mess, now is a good time to clean up, clear out, de-clutter and discard. This will make room for new energy to circulate domestically, professionally and in your personal life.


This is eclipse month and your sign is the most affected. Personally and in your relationships major developments are underway. Some of these events and decisions may have been pending for a while, the difference is that now you are seeing the road forward much more clearly and you are in the driver’s seat. The time is right to turn the corner and accelerate.


In order to move ahead you may have to take a step backwards. This may involve a domestic reshuffle, or an overhaul of your daily routine. Either way, it is time to clear out anything from your life which is passed its use by date. This will help you focus on what comes next.


The lunar eclipse of 7 July lights up your zone of romance, love and children. Creatively too, some good news concerning a long term project will have you beaming, but you may have to step outside your comfort zone to make the dream a reality.


Children, parents or another family member may ask for your help forcing you to put your life on hold. Even if not asked, you may choose sort out the problem, but don’t over do it. You love to help out when you can, but personal matters demand your full attention. Though difficult, you may have to say no.


People may generally prove frustrating to deal with and conflict may erupt over who said what to whom. Memory is a bit like history, it all depends on who is telling the story. Accept it, everyone has their own point of view and you can’t force people to change. Agree to disagree and move on.


Finances are under scrutiny with new fiscal commitments being made. You might discover that expenditure is exceeding your income, so this is not a time to be extravagant. Make a budget and stick with it. While you might find this tedious and time consuming, it will help you focus on priorities.


You have every reason to be happy. You are entering an important cycle of new and exciting opportunities, but the speed of developments could take you by surprise. New connections and deeper relationship ties can be established now too. There is nothing to fear, all you need do is open your heart to love.


A niggling uncertainty about your direction may be causing some confusion. This may be compounded by recent inconsistencies in another’s behaviour and the increasingly rapid pace of change. Before making any snap decisions you would be advised to take time to consider all options. Once you do, things will become clearer.


What might seem like just an average invitation may turn into something more meaningful. With eclipses in your zone of friends and romance, you might suddenly find that a friendship has the potential to be something far more wonderful. This month expect a few surprises.

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Michele Finey is the author of “Secrets of the Zodiac: An In-Depth Guide To Your Talents, Challenges, Personality and Potential” which was recently published by Allen and Unwin. She can be contacted via her website.

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