You’ve Been Using Bobby Pins Wrong Your Entire Life. Here’s How They Work.

April 11, 2019

Wait – whaaat???

Most of us have been using the humble bobby pin since we were old enough to notice how cute our hair looked when we fastened our bangs to one side.

They’re also the natural way we women mark our territory when taking things to the next level in a relationship (show me a man whose GF frequently stays the night at his pad and I’ll show ya at least 13 places in his apartment that have been re-branded ‘shared zones’ via stray bobby pins).

But what you may not know is that, despite all your best efforts, you’ve been using your little friend, the bobby pin, wrong your entire life.

Here’s how to use a bobby pin properly…

So if you’re like most average humans, chances are you’ve been inserting your bobby pin grooved side up. However, the most effective way to keep your hair securely in place is to insert your bobby pin so that the side with the grooves in it is facing down, with the smooth side facing up.

Just like this:

What. Wha – why?!! The grooves, or ribbing, is designed to grip hair and lock it in place. Plus, you’ll actually capture more hair by putting the pin in your locks in that position.

It’s actually the same formula you use for applying paper face masks and pore strips; the rough side always faces down, while the smooth side always faces outward. Once you think of it this way, you’ll never forget it again.


By using the bobby pin facing grooved side down, you’ll notice way less hair slippage and flyaways during the day, which means less time spent readjusting your strands and more time left to dedicate to meaningful activities, like flirting with the hot barista or writing your next best-selling novel.

Who knew our bobby pins were holding us back from so much greatness?

Gif via citrusbyspc.ca.

Comment: Do you have any bobby pin hair tricks?

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