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Zodiac Signs Compatibility in Love, Relationship and Sex: What You Need to Know

Zodiac Signs Compatibility in Love, Relationship and Sex: What You Need to Know

In astrology, zodiac sign compatibility is a concern that’s all too real. Though every sign could theoretically meet in the middle at certain points, the reality is that not every single one of them would be a perfect fit for the other. The question of modalities, symbolisms and other intricacies that make each sign unique makes the question of compatibility prohibitively difficult to answer at times.

Thankfully, however, there is a way to make things easier. For many centuries, astrologers have relied upon a combination of scientific knowledge and the proximity of signs and constellations to figure out the best possible ways to be in a relationship. Relationship advice could then be constructed, and even a possible mnemonic could be forged in order to provide even greater clarity.

That being said, therefore, this article shall help you reach the most optimal conclusions on compatibility by informing you about the following:

  • The basic areas of astrological compatibility
  • How you and your partner’s star signs can affect the way you think
  • What you can do to maximize compatibility and meet people halfway

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Astrological Compatibility in Love: What You Need To Know

Romantic compatibility in astrology boils down to several factors. The first of these is the attitude embedded in each sun sign. As you know, the sun sign is the zodiac sign typically assigned to someone on the date of their birth. If you were born between October 23 and November 21, for example, then you are a Scorpio by birth.

What is amazing about astrology in this regard is that it typically has an accurate summary of each zodiac sign’s attitudes. If you’ve ever wondered why a zodiac sign somehow speaks so much about who you are, this is the reason why. In astrology, you are but one part of the cosmos, and though you may have your individual differences, your identity can still be summarized because you are part of a whole.

Another factor involved here is your modality. In astrology, modality is associated with the movement of the seasons. Cardinal modality represents the very start of any season, fixed is associated with the middle when everything stays exactly as they are, and mutable is linked with the transition from one season to the next.

As such, your modality has a strong bearing on how compatible you might be with another sign. Some zodiac signs are compatible by virtue of their adaptability to one another. On the other hand, some are repelled by each other’s modalities. You can’t expect two fixed signs to have a smooth relationship, for example.

Lastly, another source of zodiac sign compatibility is element. As in nature itself, certain elements do not interact with each other well. Fire, for example, is clearly put out by water but is nourished by the earth and air. On the other hand, water does not help the cause of fire, but is clearly a good fit for the life-giving earth element.

Scorpio compatibility, as well as Aries and Gemini compatibility, for example, all rely on these three factors. The former is fixed, of the water element, and has a passionate and at times introverted attitude. This makes them a good fit for signs such as Taurus and Cancer, who both compliment Scorpio’s intricacies.

Aries and Gemini, on the other hand, suit each other well because the mutable nature of Air-based Gemini works well with Aries’ fiery and passionate nature. These factors are therefore essential in knowing exactly who to pair up with, and once you have an understanding of the basics, you become that much closer to finding your ideal partner.

How Zodiac Signs Affect You Personally

Romance, sex and relationships are all about meeting each other halfway. There is no one person on earth who mirrors you exactly. Yet despite this, the reason why people can still meet up, learn about each other and become one has to do with the fact that we have similarities.

This is something that astrology displays in its purest form. Zodiac signs affect you in some way because they help predict what kind of person you will be. In Gemini, for example, you will find someone who is freedom-loving, and chances are you may in fact mirror this truth.

When you view it like this, you begin to realize exactly how astrology impacts you. It not only teaches you to be yourself, it also teaches you about the importance of being one with the cosmos. By expressing yourself and being one with your true nature, you bring about goodness to the world.

This goodness, in turn, is recognized by the person you are most compatible with. It is for this reason that the most compatible of people often enjoy the most fruitful lives, and by following certain steps, you can truly make the most not only of astrology but of life itself.

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Maximizing Astrological Compatibility in Love

Of course, though astrological rules dictate that some things are just better together, that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt when things just aren’t working out. Aries and Cancer may seem thoroughly incompatible due to them representing the opposing elements of fire and water, but that doesn’t mean they can’t work together.

For one thing, Aries has the intelligence to match the emotional capacity of Cancer, and Cancer has enough understanding to view things from Aries’ perspective. If the two of you can set up a compromise and swallow each other’s egos, you can go a long way together and defy the astrological odds.

That being said, it will not be easy, because maximizing compatibility means adaptability. You have to work with your partner to help maintain your relationship, not the other way around. It is unreasonable to go for a relationship where the two of you aren’t willing to work together.

This brings us nicely to the second and final component: empathy. No matter how compatible two signs are, empathy is always going to be necessary. Without the ability to try and feel what the others are feeling, a relationship simply dies. Know the person you are with, beyond their sign if need be, and follow each other’s hearts. That way, you can gain maximum compatibility, whether the charts say so or not.

David Thomas is a professional writer at Trusted Astrology. With more than 10 years of experience with astrology, David is a trusted resource to help you with astrological analysis and interpretation.

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